Exterior Wall Coating

One of the specialist services we offer is exterior wall coating, although this is still a decorating service, it differs from the rest of the painting services we offer as wall coating is sprayed on using specialist machinery as opposed to being rolled or brushed on when we decorate interior spaces. Our sister company is one of Scotland’s best-established wall coating companies, we have the manpower to take on the largest of jobs. 

Why choose wall coating?

wall coating is perfect for homes or buildings where the exterior has turned grey or the colour has tarnished due to Scotland’s wet weather. Wall coating is used to renovate the buildings walls whilst ensuring they are then protected from future wear and tear, it is available in a range of colours to match any taste and the best bit about it, it is usually cheaper than reroughcasting a property.

    exterior wall coating

    Benefits of Wall Coating

    • Maintenance-free finish 
    • guaranteed for at least 10 years, in non-marine environments can last up to 20
    • sprayed on for a perfect brushstroke free finish
    • superhydrophobic (water will bead and run off the surface)
    • creates an insulating barrier for your home
    • self-cleaning dirt, moss, algae and any organic debris will run off your walls next time it rains.
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    Exterior Painting The Process

    Firstly the walls are thoroughly washed with a fungicidal wash, this removes any organic matter like algae, dirt, lichen or mould this is to ensure we are starting fresh rather than painting over bad patches that could lead to future problems.

    The next stage is to repair any cracks or blemishes in the walls, our roughcasting team will ensure that the walls are repaired and watertight before the coating is applied. 

    The next stage is to apply the coating, this is applied using specialised spray guns that ensure a perfect finish on your walls. As standard we apply two coats to each job we go too. 

    Job completion survey, once we are finished we will walk round with you and ensure you are happy with the work we have completed, at this stage, we will give you your guarantee paperwork etc


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